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Three Ways EHR Software Can Help Your Chiropractic Practice

As a medical practice, your job is to interface with patients and help them recover through various ailments. This comes with a healthy amount of paperwork which can bog down you, your patients, and the rest of your staff. Luckily, chiropractic EHR software is there for you and your patients. Replacing the traditional filing cabinet, EHR helps keep all your patient's sensitive information safely on a computer so it cannot be misplaced. Below are some of the benefits your practice stands to gain if you start using an EHR software. 

Have A Safer, More Reliable Practice

Keeping up with paper charts can be a hassle. While in a perfect world, a paper-bound system would work smoothly, but people aren't perfect. So in the hustle and bustle of everyday, it is possible for charts to be lost and files to be misplaced. With EHR software, this is remedied as all of it is stored in a computer space which makes it impossible to misplace. This also comes with the added benefit that it makes your patient's information more secure, as valuable information is stored in encrypted files instead of easy-to-copy charts. Not to mention that electronic files can be backed-up so you never lose data if a mishap occurs. 

Streamline Your Workflow

With EHR software, you won't have to play "phone tag" as you try to find a patients particular file. With everything being digitally, you can access any chart from any computer throughout your practice with ease instead of manually having to hunt the file down or waste precious time at the copy machine making copies. Not to mention, there will be a lot more space around the office as you can begin to remove the bulky and cumbersome cabinets and free up rooms that were being used as storage. 

Have Happier Patients

From check-in to discharge, you'll be able to give them speedy treatment as everything they need is at your fingertips. Since doctors only have an allotted amount of time for each patient, getting accurate information quickly is extremely vital. EHR will also help in processing relevant insurance information too, so managing invoices will be a lot easier for both of you. Lastly, you can set up this software to send automatic reminders either by email or phone, that way your secretary won't have to worry about reminding patients about appointments. This will leave the patient feeling quite impressed with how smoothly everything runs in your practice.

So, overall, EHR software can only help your practice as it increases not only your bottom line but your patient happiness as well. After all, both go rather hand in hand.