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Pregnancy Soon After A C-Section: The Dangers & Getting An Amniocentesis To Stay Safe

Are you pregnant again after just undergoing a C-section? An amniocentesis may be performed for early delivery of the baby in an attempt to prevent your uterus from rupturing. Below, you will learn why you are in danger after getting pregnant soon after a C-section and what an amniocentesis is.

Why is Pregnancy Soon After a C-Section Dangerous?

You are in danger from getting pregnant soon after a C-section because your previous wound on the uterus has not had enough time to heal yet. The uterus is at risk of coming open and possibly leading to you suffering internal bleeding, which can be fatal to you and the baby. You are considered a high risk patient and must be monitored closely throughout the pregnancy for your safety.

Your unborn child is especially at risk due to your condition. He or she will not be able to get enough oxygen to survive until delivery if your uterus happens to rupture. Your doctor will likely want to prevent you from going into labor in an effort to stop contractions from rupturing the uterus, so an amniocentesis may be done.

What is an Amniocentesis?

On the day of the amniocentesis, you will have to go to your doctor's clinic for it to be done. You will be attached to an ultrasound machine because it is a vital part of the procedure. As the amniocentesis is being performed, the doctor will look at the ultrasound machine to make sure he or she is doing everything right without causing any harm to your uterus.

The procedure will involve a thin needle getting placed in your abdomen. The needle is long enough to make it into the amniotic sac, and will be used to withdraw some of the fluid inside of the sac. Your doctor needs a sample of the amniotic fluid to determine if your unborn child as mature enough lungs for an early delivery can be performed. Upon completing the amniocentesis, a second ultrasound will be done to make sure the needle didn't cause any harm.

You cannot skip appointments after getting pregnant soon after delivering a baby via a C-section. Don't put your unborn child's life at risk by failing to receive the appropriate kind of care to prevent your uterus from coming open during the pregnancy. An OBGYN can perform an amniocentesis to prepare for an early delivery that can keep you and your bundle of joy alive!