Health Tips from a Mother of Three

How Exercise Benefits Your Heart

Exercise is known to help you lose weight and can help you manage stress. It can also benefit your heart in a number of ways as well. Exercise, even in it's mildest form is good for your entire body. You don't have to do high impact aerobic exercise to get the benefits of exercise, low impact exercise such as yoga and walking can also give you the same benefits. See below for some of the health benefits exercise can give your heart.


The more you exercise, the more strength you will have in all of your muscles, including your heart. A stronger heart means more blood pumping through your body. This will give you more energy to do more, and you will burn more calories, which means weight loss. Your heart will also have a lower resting rate as your heart pumps more efficiently.

Heart Health

Lack of exercise can increase risk factors for heart disease and heart attacks. These risk factors include obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Reducing these risk factors will make your heart healthier. According to The American Heart Association, people that are active and at a healthy weight can live about 7 years longer than those that are inactive, or overweight. This information alone should get you up and moving.

Oxygen Increase

Increasing your activity with exercise will enable you to breathe easier, as oxygen is able to transport through your body easier. This will make things like walking up stairs, putting on your shoes, or chasing your kids around the yard a little simpler for you. You won't become winded as easily doing these daily activities if you exercise more.

How To Get Started:

Beginning an exercise routine should be done with the help of your doctor. Speak to your doctor ahead of time about what type of exercise is best for you and your heart. You can begin with some small changes in the meantime to help. Small lifestyle changes like:

  • Take the stairs, rather than the elevator or escalator.
  • Park in the furthest away parking space, not the closest.
  • Walk or bike to your destination, rather than taking your car.
  • Take a walk after dinner in the evening. It doesn't have to be a long walk, just a short 10-20 minute walk.
  • Use an exercise ball at home, rather than sitting on the couch. The exercise ball will help you gain balance and increase strength in your core muscles.

Small lifestyle changes will help get you started on a path to a stronger heart, and a longer life - so get up and get moving. If you want more information about how to keep your heart healthy, contact a center like Martin Medical Center