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Get The Skinny On Teens And Plastic Surgery

Many teens consider having plastic surgery for helping them look different or to fit in with a group of peers. However, for some teens, the medical need for cosmetic surgical procedures is great and in some cases, even life saving. Check out some of the reasons you should consider plastic surgery and some of the reasons that are not medically necessary:

The Despairing Feeling Of Low Self Esteem Is The Pits

The emotional pain that can come with just being a teen can sometimes be suffocating, especially if you are being pressured by your friends to fit in. If you are thinking about having cosmetic surgery to make your nose smaller or to make your waist line smaller or your breasts larger, you should stop thinking about surgery being the answer.

Learning more about how to love the way you are is the best change you can make and it does not cost a thing to do so.

Some Physical Problems Can Be Improved Without Plastic Surgery

Most surgeons will not perform cosmetic procedures on teens simply because they are suffering a spell of depression because they are overweight and do not want to lose weight properly through diet and exercise. If you have a medical issue that is causing you to gain weight, your surgeon might consider surgical intervention like stomach stapling or liposuction.

Always remember you may feel like an adult in your mind, but your body is still a teen and growing. Making serious decisions about plastic surgery should wait until you are not growing anymore.

Medical Conditions That Require Plastic Surgery

Some problems with your body could be a valid reason to consider plastic surgery during your teen years. Conditions in teenage boys like gynecomastia are good reasons to have surgery for cosmetic reasons. In the instance one breast is smaller than the other one in teenage girls, having breast augmentation is understandable. For boys suffering with gynecomastia, a condition that causes the formation of too much breast tissue, cam cause great issues with low esteem. The same is also true for girls dealing with uneven breasts.

Your plastic surgeon will talk with you about your surgery to see if you are emotionally ready for it. For many teens, the vision of how they want to look and how their actual results will be after surgery can be a lot different. You will need to have realistic expectations about your results. Your physician can help learn more about what to expect after your procedure is over.