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Answering The Embarrassing Questions Women Have About Yeast Infections

Between the itch, burn, and discomfort, having a yeast infection is one problem that women fear the most. Even though yeast infections are rather common, most women do not talk openly with their gynecologist about the issue and just try to handle the problem on their own. This is often due to being too embarrassed to face the doctor when they have questions.

To know how to properly care for a yeast infection and how to avoid the issue, it is best if you know the answers to the questions you have. Here are a few of the embarrassing questions you may have if you have a yeast infection, but may never ask your gynecologist.

Can a partner catch your yeast infection?

The transmission of a yeast infection through sexual intercourse is not a common thing. However, it can happen, and therefore, it is best to use protection. Additionally, intercourse may be uncomfortable with a yeast infection and may even worsen some of the symptoms.

What causes the thick discharge that comes along with a yeast infection?

The thick discharge that comes along with having a yeast infection is actually a result of a high concentration of yeast on the skin. Yeast is naturally present in the human body, but the good bacteria that is present can usually keep the problem contained. This is why a yeast infection often comes after taking a round of antibiotics, which can kill not just bad bacteria, but good as well.

What is the easiest way to avoid getting a yeast infection?

There are several different factors that can contribute to the risk of getting a yeast infection. Excessive moisture can encourage the growth of yeast, which will cause an infection. Some forms of fragrance and dyes in clothing and soaps can also contribute to the issue as well. In general, keeping yourself clean and dry can help to prevent the issue. Even some medical conditions, such as pregnancy and diabetes, can put you more at risk. However, if antibiotics commonly cause you to have a yeast infection, you can talk to your doctor about medications that can be used to prevent the problem.

Even though it may be a little embarrassing to talk about such a personal issue with your gynecologist, a yeast infection is nothing to be ashamed of, as it s a common female issue. It is much better to receive professional advice than to try and handle the issue on your own, and you may be able to get over the symptoms much more quickly.

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