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Four Services Typically Offered By Your Local Hospital's Wellness Center

Many hospitals now have built-in wellness centers. If you want to keep a New Year's resolution by getting fit, or just losing weight in order to control serious health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure, then maybe you can take advantage of the wellness centers in your local hospitals. In some cases, you may need a referral from your doctor, but in other areas of the country, these wellness centers are open to patients and their families all year round. Here are a few of the services you can access and take advantage of from your local hospital's wellness center.

Gym Equipment

The biggest reason you may have for going to the hospital's wellness center is the gym equipment. Most of these centers are fully equipped with exercise bikes, treadmills, elliptical trainers, weights, jump ropes, etc. Since so many people rarely remember or think about using the equipment in the hospitals' wellness centers and are out at the other public gyms and fitness centers, you may find that you have your pick of the equipment here.

Dietary Needs and Nutrition Counseling

It is surprising, but in this day and age many people still do not know what to eat to maintain their weight and how to control their portions and health problems related to food. Since the wellness center is already located inside the hospital, you will have access to the dietary aids and nutrition counselors that frequently donate their time to the center for patients that need this type of information. You will have to schedule an appointment with the dietary aide or nutrition counselor on duty, but the information and guidance that he or she can provide will really help your weight loss and fitness goals.

Rehabilitation Services

Many health and wellness centers inside hospitals provide rehabilitation services, too. Patients who are experiencing chronic pain or patients who are recovering from surgery can take advantage of the many pieces of equipment and the recommended or prescribed exercises to help them heal faster and feel better. Additionally, many physical therapists work in these wellness centers to assist their patients and others with their treatment plans and management of pain during exercise.

Exercise-Related Injury Care

In the event that you should overdo it or injure yourself while exercising in the health and fitness center, you are in the perfect place to receive exercise-related injury care. The staff that typically monitor the help desk and walk around the wellness center keep their eyes and ears out for anyone that becomes injured. They are often trained in first aid, and can help you get from the center to the hospital's emergency room or urgent care wing where your injuries are fully addressed.

To find out more about how you can take advantage of these resources, see Cherry Creek Wellness Center, Inc. or visit your local hospital wellness center.