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Do Your Feet Sweat A Lot? A Look At The Consequences And How To Prevent Them

Some people naturally have sweatier feet than others. Unfortunately, if you're one of those people whose feet always seem to be moist, you'll be prone to a few consequences, including an increased risk of blisters and athlete's foot. To protect your feet from these annoying ailments, follow these tips:

Wear open shoes whenever possible.

Not only are your feet likely to sweat more in closed shoes, but the shoes will absorb the sweat. The continually moist environment is a breeding grounds for the fungus that causes athlete's foot, and also for bacteria that may cause a nasty infection should you happen to have any sores or blisters on your feet. As someone with sweaty feet, sandals and other open shoes should be your go-to footwear. Reserve the closed shoes for occasions where there's really no choice but to wear them – like formal dinners and interviews.

Sanitize your footwear regularly.

Invest in a sanitizing shoe spray. These are often sold at shoe stores and pharmacies. Spray your shoes after every use so that any bacteria or fungi that are present don't live to see another day.

When you have to wear closed shoes, switch pairs during the day.

Pack an extra set of shoes in your car, and change into this pair during lunch time or when you have a break. This will keep your shoes from getting so moist. It will also help minimize blisters, assuming you choose a second pair of shoes with different pressure points than the one you were initially wearing.

If you start developing blisters…

Switch to a pair of shoes that does not rub you in the same place where blisters are developing. This is likely a sign that you're not doing a good enough job of keeping your feet dry. See if you can wear closed shoes less often, and consider investing in some moisture-wicking socks to help keep your feet dryer when you do wear shoes.

If you think you may have athlete's foot…

Start using an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream immediately. As someone with overly sweaty feet, you are likely to have a harder time getting rid of athlete's foot than the average person. If your symptoms don't subside within a week or so, see a podiatrist. They can prescribe stronger prescription anti-fungal to more effectively fight the condition.

Living with sweaty feet can be a bit of a hassle, but with the tips above, you can manage the condition and prevent its consequences. To learn more, contact a podiatrist office like Northside Foot & Ankle