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Help! I've Selected The Wrong Medicare Supplement Plan

All Medicare supplement plans are not created equal. Consequently, it's quite easy to select a plan that isn't suited to meet your needs without the right advice. Since these plans generally come with a set open enrollment period, having the wrong plan can leave a person in a state of panic. Don't fret. While you may have to wait until the next open enrollment period before you can change your plan, there might be a way around any struggles you're facing.

Your Doctor Isn't In-Network

Quality health care doesn't just involve medical knowledge. It also involves having an excellent bedside manner. For this reason, once you've found someone who meets these goals – you don't want to change providers. Finding out after you have selected a supplement plan that your doctor is not in the network can be a serious issue. If you've found yourself in this predicament, a solution might be as simple as contacting your plan provider.

In some cases, the reason that a physician isn't included is quite simple. First, the plan provider may have not had the opportunity to contact the physician yet about joining their network. Secondly, the physician may have been contacted, but failed to send in the correct information. In both scenarios, if the physician and provider can meet terms, the physician can be added and you can continue your visits without any additional costs.

Your Plan Doesn't Cover Your Medications

For some people, the problem is that their current supplement plan medication formulary doesn't include their prescriptions. This leaves some people trying to decide how they will afford the extra costs for their non-covered medication or whether or not they can simply forgo the medication. You may not have to worry about either. First, print off a copy of your supplement plan's formulary and take it to your physician.

The physician may be able to change your existing medication to a similar alternative that is covered by your plan. If there aren't any compatible options, ask the physician if they have any samples? Most drug manufacturers provide medical offices with samples and your provider may offer them to you until you can get your plan changed. Lastly, some drug manufacturers also have charity programs that offer free or reduced cost medication for those who qualify.

Every challenge doesn't have to be a major problem. You can find a way to work around any issues until you can go back and change your plan, if necessary. For more information, talk to a professional like Senior Care Insurance Services.