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Simple Ways To Manage Your Incontinence When In Public

Dealing with incontinence when you're at home typically isn't difficult, given that there's always a bathroom just a handful of steps away. While it's always a good idea to visit a health professional to seek treatments for this common condition, you should also take steps to make yourself more comfortable when you're out in public. Carrying sanitary pads and a change of underwear can help you feel better if you're prone to accidents, but there are a handful of other methods that you can use to hopefully reduce the risk of leakage. Here are some simple steps to take.

Control Your Beverage Intake

While drinking water is important for your health, it's a good idea to drink steadily at home but avoid excessively drinking beverages when you're out in public. When you have a planned outing, cut off your consumption of water, coffee and other beverages in advance of the outing and skip the urge to buy a drink unless you're extremely thirsty. If you want your mouth to taste fresh, chew a piece of gum instead of opt for a drink; this can help keep your bladder from filling up and causing you to have an accident before you can make it to the bathroom.

Keep Tabs On Bathroom Locations

Whether you're in a shopping mall, an outdoor venue such as a zoo, or a museum, it's advantageous to always know where the nearest bathroom is. Keep an eye out for bathroom signs and commit the bathrooms' locations to memory. Or, if possible, pick up a brochure that features a map or diagram of the venue and illustrates where the bathrooms are. Often, you'll experience a sudden urge to urinate and, as long as you know where the closest bathroom is, you'll be able to hurry to that location and relieve yourself before you have an accident.

Go When The Chance Arises

Not feeling an urge to go to the bathroom doesn't mean that you shouldn't at least try. For example, if you've just entered a mall, and there's a bathroom near the entrance, take a moment to try to relieve yourself. In many instances, you'll be able to urinate a bit, which will reduce the volume of urine being carried in your bladder and thus lower the risk of an accident. When you're on a car trip, visit the bathroom each time you stop for gas, food or to stretch your legs. Getting in this type of habit whenever you're in public can be a help.

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