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What To Bring With You To An Urgent Care Appointment

Urgent care centers are becoming increasingly popular among those who are sick. Most centers offer same day appointments, which offers an alternative to a doctor who may not be able to get you in for a few days. If you have never been to an urgent care center, you may be unsure as to what information you should bring along with you to your appointment. Here are a few things you should not forget before heading out to your urgent care appointment:

A Valid Photo ID

If you have an appointment at an urgent care center, don't forget to bring along a valid ID card with you. If you are using insurance, you have to prove you are the insured party. If you are paying with a credit card, you need an ID to prove you are the authorized user. And even if you are paying cash, most facilities require you to show an ID to help avoid the over-prescribing of prescriptions. Doctors at urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and medical offices have access to certain prescription databases which show if someone is obtaining multiple prescriptions from different doctors. 

Your Insurance Information

Most urgent care centers accept insurance. Always ask when making an appointment if they accept the type of insurance you have. If they do, be sure to bring along your current insurance benefit card. The urgent care center will need this information in order to bill your insurance provider for services rendered. 

A Current List of Medications You Are Taking

Anytime you are visiting a new doctor, it is wise to bring along a list of any medications you are taking, as well as the dosage of the medications. If you are sick and need antibiotics or other medications to treat the illness, the doctor will need to ensure those prescriptions do not interact with any other medications you are taking. Bringing along a list helps them ensure this. 

Any Forms You May Need To Fill Out

Lastly, bring along any forms you may need to fill out. An urgent care center is not only for those who are sick. Many centers off physicals, drug testing and appointments for work injuries. If you need a form filled out to keep you out of work, need a physical form filled out or need to prove to school or work that you were sick, bring along any specific forms that need to be filled out. 

If you cannot get an appointment with your doctor, but you are not sick enough to go to an emergency room, an urgent care office is the perfect choice. Knowing what information to bring along can make your first appointment go as smoothly as possible.