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Overcoming The Dragon: What To Look For In An Inpatient Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

Addiction is often referred to as "chasing the dragon" because you are constantly on the search for something that could potentially kill you with your next encounter. If you have been chasing the heroin dragon for far too long, you know just how dangerous this life of addiction can be. In 2015, more than 30,000 people died from the use of opioid related drugs, which includes heroin. These alarming numbers prove just how important it is to step away from the constant chase of a drug that could take your life and instead seek treatment. To better your chances of truly overcoming an addiction to heroin, there are a few features you should be looking for in an inpatient addiction treatment program. 

The Facility Has On-Site Medical Staff

Going through heroin withdrawal is not something for the faint of heart; it is extremely hard on your body when you take away the opioids it has been used to getting. Therefore, the detox process can be dangerous if it is not overseen by medical practitioners who understand what your body is going through and how they can help you get through. The best heroin addiction treatment centers will either work directly with a medical detox center or they will have their own medically trained staff on site at the facility to provide care through the detox process and beyond. 

The Facility Offers Multiple Layers of Treatment

Addiction alone is not always the only problem you will be faced with recovering from when you decide to find sobriety. In many cases, underlying psychological problems can be at play, whether it some form of anxiety, depression, or something more severe. Because addiction and psychological illnesses go hand-in-hand, the best treatment facilities for heroin addiction are equipped to handle all sides of treatment with dual-diagnosis therapy meant to tackle the addiction and other issues. 

The Facility Offers Long-Term Treatment Solutions

A stint in rehab for heroin addiction can be short term, but this does not mean you will be completely better. In most cases, recovering addicts seek further treatment after an inpatient program in a sober living house or with outpatient programs. The best addiction treatment centers, such as at Brightside Clinic, will build you a plan that looks a lot like a road map to carry you to your sober life. They will work with other treatment providers to ensure you have the tools and treatment you need beyond rehab to retain your sobriety.