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Is Your Knee In Severe Pain?

Have you known for a long time that you would probably end up with knee replacement surgery? Maybe you have a family history of one or both parents, or even your siblings, who have had problems with your knees. And, yet, maybe you just aren't sure if it's knee replacement surgery that you actually need. For example, maybe you are very active in sports and you think that you might have damaged your knee. 

From things you can do yourself to relieve the pain to making an appointment with your doctor, here are some ideas that might help you.

​Things You Can Try Yourself - You have more than likely already taken over-the-counter pain medications, haven't you? But, have you tried non-prescription medications that your pharmacist might know about? Tell him or her about your level of pain. He or she will have the knowledge and the experience to tell you about medications you might not even heard of in the past.

Maybe you've tried a heat pad, but have you also used a frozen compress on the area of your knee that is especially painful? Try alternating the heat and the cold to see if that's even more effective. Do Epsom salts in your bath water give you any relief? Try elevating your leg and resting it for long periods of time. Or, put a firm pillow under your knee to give it support while you rest or sleep.

See Your Doctor - If you've tried every remedy you can think of but you haven't had real results, then it's probably time to head to a doctor. Start with your family doctor and explain what's going on. He or she might order X-rays. After he or she sees the X-rays and the knee shows that there are real problems, your family doctor will more than likely refer you to a surgeon who focuses on knee injuries and knee replacements.

If you are told that you have bone-on-bone or if there is another reason to replace your knee, don't panic. It's true that you are facing real pain. But, you will probably be given exercises to do before the surgery that will actually help after the surgery has been completed. In addition, you'll be given pain medications that will give you a great deal of relief.

Completed surgery is just one of the steps for totally being pain-free. You'll be given post surgery physical therapy. If you are consistent in doing everything the doctor and the therapists ask you to do, you'll be able to return to your normal life after just a few weeks of recovery time. For more information knee pain treatment, talk to your doctor.