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Is A Port Wine Stain Making Your Child Shy? Removal May Help Restore Their Confidence

Your child is quite shy and you can't figure out why they are so quiet. Have you ever considered the potential emotional impact of their port wine stain? This birthmark may make a child struggle to connect with others on a meaningful level. Thankfully, you can get this birthmark removed to help them overcome their shyness and become a happier person.

Why Port Wine Stains May Cause Shyness

Shyness is often a very complex situation that is triggered by many influences. For example, some children are shy because they aren't sure what to say. Others are shy because they are worried about what their peers think of them. Often, younger children with a different appearance – such as a port wine stain – feel this shyness the most because they feel a strong disconnect from their peers.

This shyness may occur even if your child isn't bullied by others. These days, anti-bullying programs are helping to raise generations of gentler and more understanding children. However, that doesn't mean that your child won't feel self-conscious about their birthmark. And if they do, they will need your help to overcome this problem. Thankfully, you can get a port wine stain removed.

Removal May Help

Port wine stain removal can occur at any time during your child's life. However, you typically want to get them removed sooner rather than later. That's because early removal may help your child adapt to the absence of the birthmark more quickly. In this way, they can feel the emotional benefit of looking like their peers and not having a birthmark to make them feel different in any way.

This removal process is typically fairly simple and doesn't involve a lot of complex surgical procedures. In some cases, your child may even be able to get their birthmark removed in one day. In other situations, you may have to get multiple surgeries to achieve a positive result. However, your child deserves the right to feel happy about themselves and like they are part of a crowd.

So if your child has a port wine stain and you want to manage their shyness more effectively, reach out to a surgical professional to learn more about the removal process. You will have to prepare your child for this surgery by talking about the form it will take, how long they'll go through surgery, and much more. However, the ultimate benefit is more than worth it. 

For more information on port wine stains, contact a doctor.