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Foot Odor Problems? Prevention Tips For You

When it comes to your feet, nothing is worse than uncomfortable, embarrassing foot odor. If your foot odor is accompanied by any strange toenail discolorations, sores, or growths, you should get to the foot doctor (or podiatrist) as soon as possible. You may have a fungal or bacterial infection that needs to be treated. However, if you are just experiencing unpleasant foot odor, there are several methods you can use at home to try to remedy it and prevent future food odor problems. All you need to do is learn your options and give them a try. Soon, you will no longer feel embarrassment every time you take off your shoes.

Lemon Juice

An easy and effective remedy to foot odor is lemon juice. What you need to do is to first wash and dry your feet thoroughly with soap and water. 

After your feet are dry, take a wedge of lemon, and squeeze and rub the lemon on your feet including on and between the toes. Let your feet air dry following the application of the lemon juice. 

This should remove the odor from your feet, and prevent future foot odor problems if performed on a regular basis. Lemon can dry out your skin, so watch out that the skin on your feet does not begin to crack or bleed. If it does, lessen the frequency of lemon treatments and apply a moisturizer.

Saltwater Bath

Another simple foot odor remedy that you can try at home is a saltwater bath. Just fill a foot bath or large bucket or washtub with hot water and add half a cup to a cup of kosher or Epsom salt to the water. 

Soak your feet in the salt water bath for 15 to 20 minutes. When you remove your feet from the water, allow them to dry naturally. 

Put Cornstarch In Your Shoes

Your feet are not the only source of your foot odor. When your feet sweat inside of your shoes, the shoes can become infested with the odor causing bacteria. So, even if you keep your feet clean and use odor-removing remedies, you may still find yourself suffering from foot odor.

To get rid of odor in your shoes, you can simply sprinkle cornstarch into the inside of your shoes. This cornstarch will absorb the moisture in your shoes. By absorbing the moisture, the cornstarch will prevent the growth of the bacteria that causes foot odor.

To get rid of that pesky, embarrassing foot odor, all you need to do is try these simple home remedies. By combining care for infections or sores from your foot doctor with these foot odor treatment and prevention techniques, you will eliminate the problem of foot odor from your life. For more tips, contact a professional such as Dr. Lee D. Billing, Podiatrist Foot Surgeon.