Health Tips from a Mother of Three

Alleviating Your Child's Fear Of The Doctor

If your child has displayed fear about seeing a new pediatrician, you will want to do whatever possible to minimize their anxiety so they are able to continue with positive health practices as they grow. Fear of going to the doctor can be alleviated by taking a few steps in the way you handle routine visits with your child. Here are some tips to try when bringing your child to a new doctor in an attempt to make the overall experience one they will enjoy.

Ask For An Advance Tour

When bringing your child to a new practice, ask if you can bring them in for a tour before you make an actual appointment. This will help your child to become familiar with the layout of the building, the workers they will be dealing with, and the overall atmosphere of the practice. This tour will make your child feel more comfortable with the facility in general, and will make their real appointment feel a bit more relaxed since they have been in the building in the past. Ask that the doctor introduce themselves to your child at this time as well.

Request A No-Shot Appointment

Make an appointment for a routine check-up with your child's new pediatrician with the promise there will be no immunizations given at all. Let your child know they will not be receiving any shots. Often children will associate a trip to the doctor with pain because they had received immunizations at a prior doctor's visit. Knowing there will be no pain in a future visit will help them become accustomed to the procedures the doctor will be administering without as much fear involved.

Bring Along A Part Of Home

Have your child pick out a favorite toy to bring to the doctor's appointment with them. Being able to hold something that reminds them of home will help them feel more at ease. Do not make them put the item down during the appointment, as having control of the item can give your child a sense of security during the appointment.

Encourage Questions

When you bring your child for their first appointment with the new doctor, point out different pieces of equipment in the exam room and tell your child what they are used for. Make a mention of the decor of the building as you walk inside to try to distract them from what will be happening during the exam. If there are books in the waiting area, read one to your child to get their mind off of the appointment while waiting their turn.

If you speak frequently about different things going on within the office, your child may start to ask you questions about their visit. This will reassure them they will be all right during the procedure, and they may actually begin to look forward to the exam as a result. Make an appointment with a local pediatrician, like Entira Family Clinics, to start easing your child's anxiety today.