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How to Know You Are in Need of Hearing Aids

While it may seem like it would be obvious when you lose your hearing and are in need of help from hearing aids, this isn't always the case. It is more common that the hearing loss occurs gradually so that you don't notice it until someone mentions it or that the hearing loss gets so bad it is hard to ignore. Here are some things to know about hearing loss and when it may be time to get a hearing test.

Hearing Loss Signs to Look For

It helps to first know what the different signs for hearing loss are. Unless you were in an accident that caused trauma to your ear and immediate hearing loss, it is probably occurring slowly for you. If you have any of these signs, you should contact your doctor about getting a hearing test and possibly hearing aids.

  • When multiple people are talking, it is hard to focus on any one person
  • You can't hear while talking on the phone
  • It sounds like everyone is mumbling or whispering while talking to you
  • You ask people to repeat what they say frequently
  • Your television or radio continues to get louder
  • You have avoided social gatherings because you have trouble hearing people

Only Low-Pitched Sounds Are Difficult

The pitch in different sounds is what often leads people to believe there is nothing wrong with their hearing because they are not completely deaf. However, just because you can hear high-pitched sounds doesn't mean your lack of hearing low-pitched sounds isn't a problem. Low-pitched sounds, such as o, e, and ah are often more difficult to hear when you are starting to experience hearing loss while high-pitched sounds like th and s will be easier for you to hear. This is yet another sign that you need to get a hearing test done to see whether you need hearing aids.

Hearing Aids Help All Levels of Hearing Loss

Don't assume that hearing aids are only for people with severe hearing loss. Even if your current hearing impairment is mild, the hearing aids will help you to hear all pitches of sounds and make it much easier to listen to conversations or when people speak in soft voices. This not only makes it easier for you to get by day to day but also means you will be more inclined to join social interactions with friends and family and won't have to turn your television on the highest volume. Speak to a doctor about getting a hearing test.