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Protect Yourself: What To Do If You're Planning On Being Sexually Active

Do you feel like you're ready to have a sexual relationship? If you're thinking about sharing these kinds of intimate moments with your partner, make sure that you educate yourself on sexually transmitted diseases and the different types of contraceptives you can use to protect yourself.

Research Information on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Did you know that there are a lot of myths about sexually transmitted diseases? Unfortunately, these myths are spread around so often that people tend to believe them. If you believe something that is completely false, you could end up suffering the consequences, which could include dealing with one of these diseases due to a lack of protection.

Some people think you cannot catch a sexually transmitted disease via oral sex. However, this is false, and people pass a number of STD's via oral relations more often than most realize. Some of these diseases include Syphilis, Chlamydia, and Herpes. No matter what you're doing with your partner, always use protection to avoid catching these types of diseases.

It helps to do some research and learn more about the many ways these diseases are spread from one person to the next. As you learn more information, you may understand how important it is to use contraceptives.

Consider Looking Into Different Types of Contraceptives

If you're sexually active, you should use contraceptives. There are a number of convenient options that could help to prevent pregnancy while keeping you protected from any diseases that your partner may have. Although it's best to get tested and to have your partner tested before engaging in intercourse, some people skip out on this step. If you're not going to ask your partner to get tested, make sure to use condoms.

Even if you're taking birth control, it's only effective at preventing pregnancy. It's not effective at preventing diseases from spreading back and forth. If you want to play it safe, you should take birth control and use contraceptives simultaneously. There are condoms available for both men and women. Check out some of the different types of condoms because they're available in all kinds of styles and sizes. It's best to try out these options with your partner to determine which ones you both prefer using.

You may be able to find the contraceptives at a women's health care center. Don't be afraid to talk to a medical professional about the different contraceptives you can use. Even if you feel slightly embarrassed about bringing up this particular topic, it's better to feel embarrassed and have various methods of protection than to end up with an STD.

Choosing to become sexually active is a major decision. If you feel like you're ready and you would like to share intimate moments with your partner, make sure you do your research about STD's and start looking into the different types of contraceptives you can use.

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