Health Tips from a Mother of Three

4 Ways to Protect Your Child's Health This School Year

One of the downsides of going back to school is that when your child is at school, they are around a lot of germs. If you want your child to get through the school year without getting sick, you need to be proactive about your child's health. Here are a few things you can do to protect your child's health this school year.

#1 Get Your Child a Flu Shot

One of the biggest germs that gets passed around the playground is the flu. For children, the flu can be really devastating. It can be uncomfortable and it can keep your child out of school. The easiest way to fight the flu is by making sure that your child gets a flu shot every year. A flu shot will help protect your child against the flu. Talk to your primary care doctor about getting your child the flu shot as soon as it is available this year.

#2 Encourage Them to Eat a Balanced Diet

If you want your child to stay healthy, your child needs to be healthy in the first place. A great way to keep your child healthy is by making sure that your child eats a healthy and balanced diet. Make sure that your child has a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods. If your child is resistant to eating vegetables or fruits, just keep introducing them gradually and in ways that they like.

#3 Set Up a Sleep Schedule

Next, set a sleep schedule for your child. It is important for your child to have a set sleep schedule. Getting enough sleep is one of the keys to staying healthy. When your child does not get enough sleep, their body is not able to fight back against germs. Not getting enough sleep can compromise your child's immune system. Set up a solid sleep schedule for your child, and stick to it even on the weekends. Having a consistent sleep schedule will help your child stay healthy.

#4 Teach Your Child How to Wash Properly

Finally, make sure that your child understands the importance of properly washing their hands. Teach your child how to scrub the front and back of their hands, and in between their fingers. Emphasize to your child the importance of not rushing when they wash their hands. Make sure your child knows that it also just as important to properly dry off their hands when they are done washing them. Provide your child with hand sanitizer to carry in their backpacks so they have a way to clean their hands when they are not able to wash them.  

These are just a few tips to help your child stay healthy this year. If you'd like to contact a family doctor to learn more, have a peek at this site.