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What To Expect When Visiting Your First Cannabis Dispensary

The increasing availability of cannabis has made it important for individuals to learn more about these products and buying them from dispensaries. Due to the years of prohibition, there are many people that may not have ever considered using cannabis.

Myth: You Will Be Able To Sample The Products In The Dispensary

There are likely to be many different products in the dispensary that you are not familiar with using. However, it is important to note that dispensaries are not allowed to provide samples to customers. While dispensaries will not be able to provide individuals with open samples, they will often offer variety packs so that customers can enjoy a wide range of products.

Myth: You Can Buy As Much Cannabis As You Want

It is important to be aware of the laws and regulations concerning the maximum amount of cannabis that you are allowed to have. This can vary depending on whether you are buying for medical or recreational purposes, the type of cannabis products being purchased, and limits that the dispensary may have self-imposed. Fortunately, the staff at any licensed dispensary will be able to clearly explain the local limits concerning cannabis purchase and possession.

Myth: The Products Available In Medical And Recreational Dispensary Are Identical

Individuals often assume that there is nothing separating the products sold by medical or recreational dispensaries. However, medical dispensaries are required to focus on products that are primarily intended for symptom relief. As a result, they will be much higher in CBD while also having lower THC levels. For recreational products, this will be reversed. Due to the difference in products, individuals that are needing to use cannabis for medical reasons will be well-served by obtaining their medical card.  

Myth: Vaporizing Cannabis Reduces Its Medicinal Effectiveness

Vaporizing is quickly becoming a popular option for those that enjoy the effects of smoking cannabis but want to minimize or completely avoid inhaling smoke. This makes vaporizing a preferred method for many medical marijuana patients. New patients may assume that vaporizing will provide lower potency, but the opposite is actually the case. The levels of THC and CBD in the vapor will be far higher than what can be found in a comparable amount of smoke. This is due to the fact that these chemicals can be destroyed by combustion. In contrast, vaporizing will heat the cannabis to the point where these chemicals are released without actually igniting the cannabis.

For more information, reach out to a local cannabis dispensary.