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What To Know About Legal Transcription Services

Getting hired for the first time as a lawyer with a new practice is an exciting experience that is vital for the future of the firm. For instance, winning a case for the first time sets the reputation for the law firm, which leads to gaining the trust of future clients. Due to evidence playing a key role in winning a legal case, it is important to have precise records to refer to during the legal process. For example, you need to be able to refer to the specific words that were spoken in court by all parties involved in the legal dispute. To make sure you are building your client's case based on accurate information, hire a legal transcriptionist to assist with documenting evidence.

What Is a Legal Transcriptionist?

A legal transcriptionist is a professional who has expertise in creating transcripts that are based on legal proceedings. A legal transcriptionist can watch a recorded trial of a legal dispute and write down everything that is said. For example, they will not only write each word that is spoken but also record body language and other aspects of the recording to capture the mood of the trial. A transcriptionist can record what is spoken from audio recordings of a trial as well. The work of a legal transcriptionist can make working a case go a lot smoother than attempting to manage the work on your own.

Does a Legal Transcriptionist Attend Court?

If you decide to hire a legal transcriptionist to assist with the case you are working on for your client, they do not have to attend court. The audio or video that is recorded during the trial can simply be handed over to a transcriptionist to be transcribed. For example, the audio that is recorded by the court reporter can be obtained for your use in building your client's case. Keep in mind that a court reporter and a legal transcriptionist are not the same jobs.

What Does Legal Transcription Services Cost?

The price of legal transcription services varies depending on which company or individual you decide to hire. When you call to discuss your needs, a quote will be provided based on the type and extent of work that is being done. You should expect to be charged by the minute by many legal transcriptionists. However, it is possible to be charged an hourly rate as well. 

For more information about legal transcription services, contact a local company.