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How Can The Staff At An Urgent Care Clinic Help You?

Urgent care clinics exist to help people who need to be seen by a doctor right away. They are less expensive than a trip to the emergency room and can help to save emergency services for people who truly need them. These are some of the things that the staff at an urgent care clinic can help you with:

1. Treat colds, flu, and other illnesses.

Minor illnesses can usually be treated at home with medicine, plenty of fluids, and rest. However, even head colds can become severe in certain situations. If you have a fever, severe sore throat, or a cough that makes it difficult to breathe, you may benefit from a trip to the urgent care clinic. Urgent care doctors can test for bacterial and viral infections, such as strep throat, that can cause symptoms of illness. Doctors can offer medications to relieve your symptoms and help you recover more quickly.

2. Deal with post-operative concerns.

Surgery is a tool that is sometimes used to correct dysfunction within the body. Under ideal circumstances, bodies heal well after surgery without the need for additional interventions. However, sometimes complications can arise. If you notice pain, swelling, or redness around your incision site, you may be experiencing an infection. Urgent care clinics may be able to see post-op patients before their regular doctors are available. Urgent care doctors can provide antibiotics when necessary. They can also remove or replace stitches as needed.

3. Relieve your health-related worries.

Health concerns can be a weight on your mind. When experiencing new and unusual symptoms, you may worry that they may be signs of a serious health problem. This can be especially true since the advent of COVID-19. Sometimes, seeing a doctor in person is the best way to ease your mind and put your worries to rest. Urgent care doctors can perform x-rays, blood tests, and other exams that can detect health problems. If a health condition is concerned, an urgent care doctor can start the appropriate treatment and refer you to your regular doctor for continued treatment. If no diagnosis is necessary, you can instead return home with peace of mind and a clean bill of health.

4. Offer relief from pain and injury.

Pain can be especially distracting and hard to ignore, whether the pain is constant and dull or sharp and acute. Urgent care clinics can help people suffering from pain resulting from injuries or infections. Many urgent care clinics have the capability to splint and set fractures and sprains. Urgent care doctors can also perform sutures, treat minor burns, and prescribe appropriate pain medications when the situation calls for it.

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